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Center for Eco holidays' “Perevalnoe” - is a secluded place to relax in the mountains in the world of clear air, clear mountain sources, ringing birdsong and silence ...
The center is located near the Angarsk pass - the gate of Southern coast of Crimea (Simferopol highway - Yalta) in the forestry village Perevalnoe in the mountainous part of Crimea, at the northern foot of the Chater-Dag in the upper reaches of the river valley Salgir at an altitude of 300-400 m above sea level.
The unique location, clean mountain air, comfortable rooms and friendly staff will help you to relax and enjoy the rest.
There are comfortable appartments with placement in each room from two to six guests.
Each room is equipped with comfortable furniture, a bathroom, TV, refrigerator, air-conditioning.
The rooms offer a beautiful view of mountains and forest.
The complex operates a free Wi-Fi.
To help improve the Finnish and infro sauna, table tennis, volleyball courts, rental of tents and bicycles. Recreation program includes hiking, horseback riding, yoga classes at the gym.
During his stay in Ecocenter an integral part of recreation are usually organized by the tourist routes in the Mountain Crimea.
After all, the village is located in a beautiful and surprisingly comfortable place to visit local natural attractions: very close to the underworld before the Crimean caves of Kizil-Koba, Emine-Bair-Khosar and best known, part of the top beautiful caves in the world - Marble.
In addition, the village is surrounded by mountains Demerdzhi Valley with its famous ghosts and Chatyrdag - a symbol of the Crimean mountains, waterfalls Dzhurla and Jur-Jur.
Many tourists are attracted by the so-called "power spots" such as the confluence of the rivers Angara and Krasnopeschernoy (beginning Salgir River, the longest river of the Crimean). Here in the deep branches intersect planetary tectonic fault, filling the space above the ground of special life-giving energy.
Stay in Ecocenter - a unique opportunity to connect to the rest unique beauty of its mountainous nature of the Crimea, healing climate and clean valley.
Discover unusual Crimea! Crimea, where there are no crowds of tourists and traders, and there are beautiful mountains and incredibly beautiful landscapes of the Crimean coast. Activities in a clean place - an unforgettable eco holidays!
And for those who still want to the sea and civilization - to participate in the sea and night life of Alushta (20 km) and Yalta (50 km) you can at any time! You can reach the sea in his car or in passing (every 20 min) on the trolley route Simferopol-Alushta-Yalta.
- Fully equipped kitchen for self cooking
- Probably organized for groups of food
- The purchase of domestic products: eggs, chicken, goat's milk, cottage cheese
- Shop convenience store about 10 minutes walk from the hotel
- Cafes, cheburechnaya, restaurants, a 20-minute walk
- Tents, bicycles, car
Recreation and Sports:
- Table tennis;
- Volleyball;
- Backgammon, chess;
- Finnish sauna and infrared;
- A sports hall;
- Walking and bus tours;
For children:
Children under three years old - free of charge.
- Children's playground.

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