Eco rest in Crimea


 Ecological and hiking vacation in the Crimea

Surprising Crimean peninsula : a small piece of land is fraught with so many mysteries , so many unclimbed locations . For those who are not a big fan on the crowded holiday resorts and crowded beaches, there is a special kind of tourism: ecological rest in Crimea . This comfortable accommodation in the foothills of the mountains or in modern villas, cottages or houses , or in mountain hotels Crimea . It walks and rides on natural attractions , gathering mushrooms and berries , nutrition and healthy atmosphere of leisure .

What includes ecological vacation in the mountains of Crimea ?

  • First of all, a special state of the atmosphere : the air is an order of magnitude cleaner than in the city and even the suburbs .
  • Secondly, the forest reigns special silence , which is lacking in urban residents .

the evenings come alive crickets and cicadas , echoed night birds , owls uhayut ... It seems like a fairy tale come to life from childhood.

Hiking and eco- vacation in the Crimea - a great pastime !

Eco- holiday is aimed at maintaining a healthy life. Therefore, it includes active recreation for example , hiking in Crimea. Our eco- center " Perevalnoe " involves the cooperation of experienced guides on the peninsula . They will spend any trails and roads through the most beautiful places of the Crimea . Our hostel in Crimea prices on vacation offers quite acceptable . The organization groups conducted in accordance with endurance of its participants. So do not be ashamed of your own pace even if you are used to walk slowly , no one will rush you . Excellent preparation for walking the walk will be a different kind of sport: for example, in our center are presented yoga, table tennis and volleyball .

Environmental rest in Crimea - a great chance to improve your health and enhance the body immunity for one holiday ! We will be glad to see you among our guests !

Spend your holiday in the mountains environmental Crimea with us !