Manor of Crimea


 Crimea homesteads and cabins in the mountains of Crimea

Eco Centre " Perevalnoe » is located near Angarsk pass - a popular tourist area known for its mountain trails and scenic landscapes . Angarsk pass gate is called the southern coast : in fact , the road from here leads only down - to the sea, to the southern resorts . We also offer vacation in the mountains , among the green forests, colorful flowers in the meadows , clean air and ringing springs .


Today, many new estates Crimea erected precisely in the mountains, rather than on the coast . In economics, there is an iron rule : there is a demand - a suggestion. This means that tourists are increasingly demanding Peninsula ecological rest closer to nature than the monotonous lying on the crowded beaches . Chalets in the mountains of Crimea become a favorite venue :

  • weekends and holidays ,
  • celebrations, celebrations and weddings .


For a variety of holiday houses in the Crimea mountains Book in advance!

Indeed, such stay in Crimean mountains is multifaceted :

  • You can visit the most beautiful sights of the Crimea with health,
  • eat organic vegetables and fruits ,
  • play sports games,
  • star-gazing.


Reserve Lodges in the Crimean mountains hurry especially those who work a lot in noisy environments . Here , in the highlands , especially noticeable calming silence. Heard only meditative natural sounds : birds singing and the wind , rustling hedgehog on a footpath hoot owls ...


If you spend much time on the computer , stay in cabins in the mountains of Crimea is the perfect choice for a weekend or vacation. It combines active and passive recreation : walking after a sauna or lie down with a book by the window. Of them just enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains and the forest to the horizon. For motorists and not only , we also offer camping in the mountains of Crimea at reasonable prices .

Visit the estate , houses in the mountains of Crimea - you enjoy !