Health yoga techniques

This course is for those who want to have unique
tools to maintain their health , youth, beauty ,
spiritual and creative development!
Purification and recovery
Increased vigor
Healthy spine and joints , deep psychological relief , harmonization of state
Program: daily practice of rejuvenation and healing , exercise and walks on healing mountain air , antiparasitic nutrition program , aromatherapy , art therapy .
And a trip to the Valley of Kizil-Koba , collection of medicinal herbs , walking tours in the cave Red , Emine Bair Khosar , avtoekskursiya pogornym Crimea tops at an altitude soaring eagles , visiting waterfalls and swimming baths youth.
The cost of health course with accommodation and food - 2940 UAH
airport transfer are paid separately.
Group 12 - 15 people.
In the creative and recreational activities children participate for free.
The program synthesized global best practices that allow as soon as possible to improve the mental and physical condition of the person :
Himalayan Yoga
Authoring program , " Living Kitchen " cleansing of the body , a unique antiparasitic program ;
Breathing practices ;
Gayatri - meditation ;
Aromatherapy ;
Art therapy .
Objectives of the program : purification and rejuvenation of the body , a deep emotional and mental unloading , the problems of the spine and joints, removal of muscular pain , clamps and stress in the body , the improvement of the internal organs , metabolic , endocrine glands , increase energy, harmonization of state , the development of creative potential.
Himalayan yoga asanas complex
A special set of yoga asanas Himalayan designed for cleansing and unleashing nodes channels nadi , awakening the kundalini energy and the opening of the muladhara chakra . This complex is aimed primarily at improving the energy and health promotion .
Pranayama cleans and repairs the energy of the internal organs , including the spinal , brain , endocrine, nervous and dr.sistemy . Harmonize the emotional state and psyche. Contribute to the rejuvenation and longevity.
Living Kitchen ( health juices from greens , simple and fast raw food dishes)
Master class on prigotovleniyutoniziruyuschih and cleaning green juices and smoothies , simple and fast syryhblyud of herbs, vegetables and fruits ( soups, salads, smoothies ) .
Principles of nutrition for healing and rejuvenation .
Antiparasitic unique course using natural organic ingredients.
Gayatri - Meditation
Using cleaning Gayatri mantra. To achieve peace, vitality, get rid of fears and failures , undesired states and reactions , overcoming obstacles , getting rid of negativity, a clear and active mind , purification of the consciousness and the development of intelligence , awakening of intuitive powers , attainment of universal consciousness , rapid clearing of karma.
Art Therapy
Amazing and at the same time an easy way of balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain increase productivity , alignment and correction of emotional states , stress transformation . Inherent in the creative process of the simultaneous combination of will and flexibility , concentration and expanded perception, concentration and spontaneity capacitance allows versatile use internal resources for natural, soft balancing and harmonizing state. While using your product you discover the best way to become aware of your emotions and work with them .
Aromatherapy - beautiful, natural and bystrodostupny path alignment and normalization of body functions , stimulation and sedation. You will learn how to use the oils can cope with various ailments , relax during meditation to cope with daily stresses and quickly return the psycho- emotional balance , stimulate body's natural defenses .
Have: comfortable clothes , jacket in case of rain , headgear, swimwear , shoes d / sauna , cream and sun glasses , shoes closed d / walks.